Recurrent pregnancy loss: get all your doubts cleared – an interview with Dr Meenakshi Sauhta

Dr Meenakshi Sauhta

Recurrent pregnancy loss is one of the most frustrating and difficult areas in reproductive medicine because the causes are often unknown and there are few evidence based diagnostic treatment modalities. Recurrent pregnancy loss is when a patient loses at least two or more documented pregnancies. Intensive investigations should be started after two pregnancy losses if the cause of both remains unclear. Primary RPL is when a patient has never carried a pregnancy to delivery and secondary is when she has...

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Case Study Orthopaedics

Dr.Ravi Sautha orthopaedic surgeon in gurgaon

Case History Mrs Shalini is a 58 years old mother of two. She stays in Shimla with her husband & their son & daughter live in Delhi. Mrs Shalini was diagnosed of ‘Carcinoma Papillary Thyroid’ on February 2006. During the initial phases of treatment the Radio Active Iodine Whole Body Scan (RAI WBC) showed significant functioning tissue in neck and chest, with a focus of distant functioning metastasis in the right side of pelvis. During the course of further radiotherapy...

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Arthritis in the Younger Population – Causes and Prevention

rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Gurgaon

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Gurgaon “Way back in 2003 Times Magazine reported that the Arthritis Epidemic is growing more then ever before and the bad news is that more and more younger people are suffering from the same . However the good news is that the treatment for arthritis is more effective than ever! The arthritis of the knee can affect any age. We provide consultation to patients in the age group of 45 – 64 years. They will account...

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